Winterlicious 2016 Review – The Chase Fish & Oyster

Every winter, more than 200 restaurants in Toronto offer 3 course prix fixe menus for lunch and dinner as part of the Winterlicious event. This is a great opportunity to visit restaurants that are more on the expensive side because all of the prix fixe menus are affordable and well worth your money. There’s only a few days left to get in a reservation for Winterlicious! (Ends February 11, 2016).

Lunch can vary from $18 / $23 / $28

Dinner can vary from $25 / $35 / $45

I went to The Chase Fish & Oyster Restaurant to try out their Winterlicious lunch menu. (Address: 10 Temperance St, Toronto) Each person paid $23 + tax & tip for a 3 course meal.


When I’m visiting a restaurant for their Winterlicious menu, I look for a place that has good portion sizes and offer items that are normally on their regular menu. This way you can get an accurate impression of what kind of food the restaurant regularly offers.


This was the salmon tartar appetizer and I absolutely loved it! Portion size was good, the salmon tasted fresh, and the crème fraîche on the bottom was very light. Great way to start the meal.


The arctic char was cooked perfectly, the fish was tender and the skin was crispy. There was a bed of braised red cabbage on the bottom that I was not a fan of because of how bland it was. This had some slices of caramelized apple and chestnut. The caramelized apples could have been a bit sweeter and I didn’t think that the sliced chestnuts contributed anything to the plate. I enjoyed the fish but definitely didn’t enjoy the items that it was paired with.


This is the CFO fried chicken sandwich. The chicken was super crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The batter was not thick or oily at all. This sandwich packed some serious crunch along with the shredded lettuce and pieces of jalapeno. Kudos to the chef for the secret sauce! I basically bathed the fries in that sauce. I definitely regret not ordering this for myself!


My dessert was the donut with a cinnamon apple filling. I was expecting a nice and fluffy yeast donut, however this was very dense. Even with the filling, the donut was slightly dry. You can easily mask the dryness of the donut by covering it with some of the cream and caramel on the side. Flavor wise, it was a great combination!


The chocolate cake was definitely more of a cupcake! The icing was piled high (just the way I like it) and the cake itself was very moist. Love how they added some peanut ice cream and caramel popcorn on the side. It’s definitely fun to eat all the 3 components together.



Salmon Tartar, Horseradish Crème Fraiche, Beet Relish, Crispy Capers
Winter Green Salad, Black Pepper Yogurt Dressing, Shaved Pear, Grapefruit, Candied Walnuts
Lobster & Tomato Bisque, Brandy & Green Peppercorn Cream


CFO Fried Chicken Sandwich, Secret Sauce, Shredded Lettuce, Pickled Jalapeno, Potato Wedges
Spinach & Mushroom Lasagna, Béchamel, Grated Fontina, Tomato Sauce
Pan Seared Arctic Char, Potato Rosti, Braised Red Cabbage, Caramelized Apple, Chestnut


Donuts, Cinnamon Apple Compote, Caramel, Calvados Cream
Caramelized Banana Sundae, Vanilla Ice Cream and Warm Date Toffee
Chocolate Cake, Peanut Ice Cream, Peanut Popcorn Crunch

Click here for a list of all the participating Winterlicious restaurants in Toronto.


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