Omakase Review @ Yasu

My first thought when I heard of omakase was, “what is it???”

The direct translation of omakase is, “I will leave it up to you.” Basically, your meal is decided by the chef and dishes are based upon ingredients that are available during that particular season. It’s basically a tasting menu where you relax and let the chef decide what you will be eating. Every piece is a surprise!

Yasu (

Address: 81 Harbord Street, Toronto ON


Reservations should be made well in advance because the restaurant only sits 12 people at a time and they only have 2 seatings per day (6 PM and 8:30 PM). Remember that any cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will result in the full amount charged to your credit card!

It costs $80 + tax&tip per person for 18 pieces total (including dessert).

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I had a great experience at Yasu. All the fish is fresh and flown in from around the world. They will season each piece with wasabi underneath the fish and a light brush of nikiri on top. (Nikiri is not soy sauce, it has a sweetness that enhances the fish flavour.)

yasu6 yasu9




I honestly can’t remember the different things I ate, I swear most of the nigiri looked and tasted the same.. but maybe that’s just me!

yasu12 yasu11





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I’m the type of girl that is satisfied with all you can eat (AYCE) quality sushi. Sure I enjoyed the concept of omakase and the quality of the fish at Yasu, however I would not go back. Considering it was $100 including tax and tip, I did not leave feeling full. You are definitely paying a lot of money for the experience and the freshness of the fish. Overall, I found the flavours to be mediocre. Only 1 or 2 things really wowed me and that was because they added a smokiness to the fish by torching it.

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