24 Things I’ve Learned in the Past Year

I turned 24 years old! This past year was my last year in school and the launch of my blog. I hope to travel more and finally become a licensed pharmacist by my 25th birthday.

1. Declutter.

I used to be that girl with an overflowing closet consisting of clothes that I never wear from years ago. I always though, “hey maybe I’ll wear that someday.” I learned to let go of clothes and make a little more room in my closet.

2. Travel often.

Travelling is fun! Travelling allows me to see new places and most importantly… try new foods.


3. Exercise is important and should be a priority in life.

Weightlifting is one of my favorite things to do. Exercise really helps take my mind off of school. Consistency is key!!

4. Multitask when possible.

There’s only so many hours in a day. When I’m waiting for my laundry to finish, I’ll cook. When I’m folding my laundry, I’ll watch Youtube. Be productive!!

5. Watch less TV/Youtube.

At least watch TV/Youtube while you are doing something else! I often cook and play Youtube in the background. Otherwise, I could be sitting on the couch watching Youtube  without realizing I just wasted the whole day.


6. Coffee is key.

I used to hate the taste of coffee but it’s grown on me. Thank you coffee for getting me through early mornings and sleepless nights.

7. Wake up early.

It feels good to get stuff done early in the day. If I wake up any time past 11 AM, I feel like I have wasted my morning.

8. Try to buy groceries on sale.

I love saving money when it comes to buying groceries. I use the Flipp app to browse store flyers and find items on sale. Buy meat in bulk & freeze if it is on sale!!


9. Complain a little less.

I complain way too much about school and the little things in life. (still working on this..)

10. Oxi Clean is key to getting rid of stains.

I spilled some butter chicken on my white blazer and used a black napkin to wipe it off. Unfortunately, the napkin stained my blazer. I soaked it in some Oxi Clean and the stain came right off. True story.

11. Quality over quantity.

Good friends are hard to come by, especially those that stick with you no matter what. I’ve gotten close with some amazing friends this past year and I am proud to call them life long friends and future colleagues.

12. Pay more attention to small details.

Self explanatory. Sometimes I’m just a very rushed person.

13. Have a good relationship with your family.

Living away from home definitely makes me cherish those weekends when I am home with family. It’s awesome getting to bond over home cooked meals and some Chinese television dramas.


14. Get enough sleep.

I found out that I function best on 7 hours of sleep. Any less and I feel super groggy. Any more and I feel like I have wasted my day.

15. School shouldn’t consume you.

Finding hobbies outside of school is what lead me to starting this blog. It can be difficult to manage everything at once, but it is possible. Go out and find something fun to do!

16. Sriracha can literally make anything taste good.

I am convinced that Sriracha is the only flavoring I need. I most frequently use it on fried rice and omelettes.

17. Take photos to document those memorable moments.

I always have a good time looking back on old photos and chuckling to myself. Taking videos are even better!

18. When there’s no time to make food, make an omelette.

This is literally the easiest thing to make and it only takes me 10 minutes or less. Throw some vegetables and eggs in a pan, cover it, and then throw on some cheese!

19. Procrastination only leads to stress and sleepless nights.

There have been countless exams where I left studying to the last minute. I tell myself every time that NEXT TIME I will start studying earlier. This was never the case.

20. Brunch is the best meal of the day.

DSC00196 DSC00206

This is going to sound super basic but I LOVE brunch foods. I am down for anything with eggs, avocado, or waffles/pancakes. I even bought a waffle maker so I can make them whenever I want, haha.

21. When in doubt, wear black and white.

Wearing colours makes it so hard to coordinate outfits. Life is just so much easier when you wear black and white!!

22. Make a to do list.

If you know me in real life, I love making Google docs or checklists. I even write out my workouts in checklist form and check them off as I do each exercise. If I am planning a trip, I will make an itinerary and group attractions/restaurants that are in the same neighborhood.

23. Don’t let the little things get to you.

There’s no time to be arguing over petty things. Just let it go.

24. Don’t buy random stuff that you don’t need.


I’m that girl that goes into Marshalls with no intention of buying anything and come out with a bag of random stuff. Stop and ask yourself if you really need it. If you are hesitant, just put it back and save your money.


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