Teddy Coat Trend

Spring in Canada is still quite chilly and a cozy jacket is necessary to stay warm. I have been loving the teddy coat trend because they look amazing and keep you warm. It’s quite rare these days that you can find a trendy and functional coat.

My teddy coat is by Tula Rosa from Revolve. It’s a longer length coat, which can help keep your thighs warm. My favorite way of styling it is by layering a leather jacket underneath. I love leather jackets but unfortunately the weather is not warm enough to wear one by itself. Therefore, layering a teddy coat over it is the perfect way to wear a leather jacket and stay warm at the same time.

The texture is not really like faux fur or faux shearling, it really jus feels like a teddy bear. I love how versatile the coat is! This light beige colour goes with everything in my closet. It looks beautiful paired with white denim or black. It even looks amazing with pink!



My other favorite teddy coat is from Zara. I got lucky and found it on sale for $50! It’s a total steal. This one is a bit shorter and the color is darker than the Tula Rosa coat. This one has a hood – which can come in handy depending on what the weather is like where you live.

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