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Weekend Getaway with Lincoln Motor Company

Weekend trips is the best way to wind down, relax, and enjoy your 2 days off. On this particular weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Whispering Springs Retreat with Lincoln Motor Company. This wilderness retreat is only a short drive away from downtown Toronto and what made the drive so enjoyable was our 2018 Lincoln Navigator!

The design on this car is super sleek and modern. The exterior is beautiful and the interior of the car is outstanding. Features like wireless charging and in car WiFi makes the Lincoln Navigator the perfect car for road trips.┬áDriving to the retreat involved trekking through various terrains. Luckily, our Lincoln Navigator had modes varying from Slippery to Excite that allowed for confident and in control driving. The driving mode can be changed with the simple twist of a knob – which makes for a super smooth ride regardless of the weather and driving conditions.

One of my favourite things about the car are the seats. We spend so much time sitting inside cars so it is crucial that the seats are comfortable. Luckily for me, these seats were beyond comfortable and came with Active Motion massage. There’s nothing like getting a little massage while in a car, don’t you agree?

One of the main features I look for in a car is a sunroof. I love the feeling of sun hitting your face while you are driving. The Lincoln Navigator has a panoramic Vista Roof – allowing the cabin to feel more spacious and allows a lot of light in. I can imagine sitting in my Lincoln Navigator and staring up into the night sky and seeing all of the stars through the panoramic roof.

A great feature to have while driving on the highway is the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS). It uses sensors to detect traffic in blind spots and gives the driver a warning if vehicles are detected while the driver is trying to change lanes. This is a great safety feature and super helpful – especially if you are a new driver or driving a car that you are not used to.

Furthermore, to my surprise my iPhone synced perfectly with the Lincoln Navigator. Thanks to Apple Carplay, the 10 inch LCD touchscreen allowed me to browse through my music and podcasts. The touchscreen is very responsive and is similar to a large smartphone.

The retreat itself was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to in Ontario. It’s very relaxing and they know how to make camping fun. I’m not a huge fan of camping but I love glamping! The concept is so cool – the tents are equipped with everything that you need so that you have a comfortable stay. Luckily we even had WiFi, which is an essential for me! Every morning we were greeted with a breakfast basket consisting of fresh pastries, fruits, yogurt, and homemade granola. It is the best way to start any day.

Lincoln Motors organized a bunch of activities for us. My favourite had to be the massage by the water. It was unbelievably relaxing and I almost fell asleep at the end of it! I even got to feed a horse – something that I have never done before. I was scared at first but horses are such gentle creatures and it was a great experience.

The weekend ended and I left Whispering Springs feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to take on the new week. Thanks to Lincoln Motor Company for inviting me out to enjoy the great outdoors in luxury!

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