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Picnic with Alvento Wines

It’s finally summer, which means picnic season has arrived! Setting up a simple backyard picnic is super easy and fun. Buy your favourite food from the grocery store and add some wine for a finishing touch!

My current favourite wines are from the Alvento Wind Series. each bottle from the series highlights different aromatic and refreshing wines.


West Wind

Tasting notes: blend of nectarine, citrus, and tropical fruit aromas and flavours. Refreshing with a touch of sweetness and effervescent, clean finish.

Food pairings: grilled scallop with lemon, grilled chicken

North Wind

Tasting notes: Complex and aromatic with excellent body, balanced richness and phenomenal length. Rose petal, tropical, and ripe stone fruit aromas and flavours.

Food pairing: pork loin stir fry, Thai green curry chicken

South Wind

Tasting notes: A beautiful rose with array of red fruit and floral aromas that are complemented by ripe melon and zesty citrus notes. Refreshing finish.

Food pairings: Asian dishes, salad with citrus fruit.

East Wind

Tasting notes: Cherry, berry, spice, and vanilla aromas and flavours.

Food pairing: Coq au vin, blue cheese on beef burgers.

What drew me to the wines from the Wind Series is their beautiful artwork. The labels highlight the transformation of something new from something that was once perceived as traditional. Each label showcases beautiful fantasy artwork. Each features Win Goddesses that represent different cardinal directions and natural domains. If you would like to see what wind goddess best represents you, check out this survey!


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